Family adventure FAQ’s

We aim to ensure that you take part in as wide a range of activities as possible. The programme is planned in advance. Please note that minimum numbers are normally required for each activity session to proceed and that off site activities may only operate on certain fixed days of the week.

Smiling boy, happy with our family adventure FAQ'sSee below for our family adventure FAQ’s;

Age Groups

For our family adventure holiday the minimum age is 7 years old. In addition to this for certain activities there may be a minimum age, height or weight restrictions – this is normally around 10yrs and/or 135cm. For those that are over 7 years old but do not meet minimum age or height resrictions, alternative activities along the same lines are offered.


Consumption of alcohol is allowed. In France guests who are 16 and over are, legally speaking, able to consume beer and wine. However, as we are a UK company, the consumption of alcohol on or off site is only permitted to over 18’s.


All bedding and towels are supplied.


We want to inspire a healthier lifestyle and to support this we provide three healthy, homemade, high-energy meals per day, with plenty of variety, supporting the 5-a-day campaign as well as reducing added salt, sugar and fat. Vegetarian alternatives can always be provided and we accommodate all special diets on medical or religious grounds.


Living alongside and mixing with other families is a valuable part of our holiday experience and we try to ensure that no one feels left out. Every guest and member of the team has an equal right to enjoy themselves and we keep a close check on teasing, bullying or any other anti-social behaviour that may spoil an individual’s enjoyment. This rarely becomes a problem, but please tell your children that if they feel they are being picked on, they should inform member of staff.

When necessary, we will be firm with children or adults who are jeopardising the enjoyment of others. We reserve the right to request any guest leaves immediately at their own expense and to charge for any additional costs incurred. No refunds will be considered for any guests asked to leave. Guests will be asked to pay for any damage caused by willful behaviour to any owned or leased property. Please ensure you have read our booking conditions.


We provide all the specialist equipment that is essential for our activities. However, you do need to bring personal items such as a good waterproof anorak, footwear and casual clothes. We ensure that you are kitted out with activity equipment that conforms to British or European standards. Approved buoyancy aids or lifejackets are provided and must be worn and safety craft are always on patrol or standing by during watersports sessions. During skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking activities guests must wear protective helmets and gloves. As we continually update our equipment to reflect current best practices, equipment used may differ from that shown in photographs.


You don’t need any previous experience to enjoy our activities. Our staff are able and ready to instruct people of all standards of competence from novice to proficient. A reasonable level of fitness is required though.

Fire Safety Drill

All guests are made aware of safety procedures and shown exits and assembly points before they go to bed on their first night at camp. There is also a weekly fire drill.

Off-site Activities & Excursions

Some of the activities and evening entertainment may take place off-site. If you do not want to take part in any off site activities or excursions please make this clear at the time of booking.


Smoking is not allowed within any Mountain Adventure Camps buildings, however there are outside areas available for use.


Children are supervised by Mountain Adventure Camps staff between 9am and 7pm.