Summer camp team

Matt Barker Mountain Adventure Camps team memberMatt Barker

Founder & Director

With a passion for the great outdoors, Matt has spent over a decade leading and inspiring youth in the UK and France and has led a number of hikes in 11 US National Parks.

In 2011, it become apparent to Matt that children didn’t ‘play’ like he used to when he was growing up. He felt that children would prefer to play online, in their bedrooms and not outside in the fresh air. Hence he founded Mountain Adventure Camps.

Matt has a hands on role here at camp, joining in or supervising all of our summer camp activities and ensuring that each and every aspect meets our core values in providing a unique mix of Adventure, Freedom and Friendship, whilst being delivered in a safe and caring environment.

Matt is a member of the American Camp Association, a qualified RLSS lifeguard and BASI ski instructor. Matt is looking to work towards a Walking Group Leader Award and various UKCC Coaching badges.

Jade Barrass-Evans - Center Manager at Mountain Adventure Camps

Jade Barrass-Evans

Summer Camp Director

Jade has worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years and has worked for various luxury ski chalet companies in the French Alps.

Jade joined the summer camp team in January 2014 as Cook and Centre Manager and become Summer Camp Director in 2015. 

Jade oversees the day-to-day team management whilst still providing the healthy and delicious home cooked meals at camp.

Like all our Senior staff, Jade is qualified in Outdoor First Aid.

Daisey & Roxy summer camp team members

Daisey & Roxy

Office Administrators

Daisey & Roxy have been part of the summer camp team at Mountain Adventure Camps since the beginning. They aren’t the best administrators, but what they lack in office skills, they more than make up for in cuddles, homesickness prevention and looking cute.

Having both failed GCSE French, unfortunately they wont be of any use on the market day challenge.

Unlike the rest of the team, Daisey & Roxy are not qualified in First Aid, but they are great to have around.